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We have compiled what we believe are the top 10 VPS hosting companies in the industry to help take the guesswork out of your decision. Unlike other top 10 sites, our list is not compiled by who pays us the most. We are users of VPS Hosting and over the years have been able to identify the key features of this newer hosting service and those companies offering the best VPS hosting solutions. This top 10 list is what we consider to be the best of Windows VPS and Linux VPS hosting and the benefits each host can offer you as the user. Below is a list of the top but which are not in any order. Rather, each has be reviewed and is strong in its particular area.

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Best VPS Hosting commits intensive research, testing and speaking with individual users to develop an ongoing series of articles focusing on the VPS industry. Please enjoy our latest selection:

What is a VPS in a nutshell?
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the latest evolutions in the world of hosting. A VPS gives a user all of the benefits of having their own dedicated server, without the hefty monthly bill.     Read More...

Compare a VPS to other hosting types
Virtual Private Server hosting can be considered a smart option between shared web hosting, and a dedicated server. If a shared hosting account is not enough, and a dedicated server is too powerful or costly, then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be right for you.     Read More...
Choosing a control panel for a VPS
Using a Virtual Private Server can be even easier when a control panel is installed. Control Panels install onto a server and work in conjunction with your operating system.     Read More...
Switching from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting-VPS Benefits
The question of when should somebody switch from a Shared Hosting account to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one that is asked time and time again. As a result, we have decided to write an article to explain some of the benefits and true differences between a shared hosting environment, and a managed VPS environment.     Read More...
Cloud Hosting Virtual Private Servers
Just when you thought VPS server technology couldn't get any better, it just did! Now many web hosting providers are starting to offer Cloud Hosting for VPS servers.     Read More...
Compare Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to other hosting types
Virtual private servers are the ideal choice for many who require more than what a shared hosting account has to offer, but do not have the budget for a dedicated server. BestVPSHosting reviews the top VPS hosting providers and gives honest reviews on hosts. Review our top VPS hosting providers and learn who is giving the best value, support, and features within your budget.     Read More...
Technical Advice – Choosing a Virtual Private Server
If your website is currently hosted on a shared account and is growing rapidly, you might want to consider a Virtual Private Server hosting option. With shared hosting environments proving to be unstable for sites with sudden high traffic, a virtual private server gives you more flexibility and
resources.    
Factors to consider when choosing a VPS company
A virtual private server is a great choice when looking for a hosting solution that has plenty of power and is reasonably priced. Virtual private servers offer flexible and economical hosting options, and if you are ready to move on from a shared account you may want to research VPS. Before you sign up with the first VPS provider you see, it is important to understand some different factors in choosing a hosting provider. Follow along this list to help make your provider choice easier.     Read More...
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