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Who we are? How we rank and why?

Honest Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Hosting Reviews
We have been in the web hosting industry since the late 1990’s and are proud to say we are known for being a reliable and credible source within the industry. We want to provide you with what we believe to be high quality solutions. We are only as good as the sites we recommend so we strive to list only the best. To understand more about how we review each company, please go here.

Why Trust us?
We have grown with the industry, the control panels, and the advances in technology. In our experience using dedicated servers, shared hosting, reseller hosting, etc. we have gained a deep understanding of the web hosting industry and technology and feel we can help our clients make the best VPS hosting decision for their business.

Why our site?
We are not like other review sites that may give the appearance of being biased or that promote sites that they themselves wouldn’t use. Instead, we strive to recommend reputable web hosts considered to be top Virtual Private Server providers in their field as well as the benefits of each VPS provider. We want only the best for our clients.

How We Can Do This?
We are actual users of VPS and web hosting from various web host companies.
We have first hand experience with some of these hosts so our recommendations come from our own experiences working with these VPS providers. We have reviewed each one so you don’t have to.

The VPS industry is relatively new
There are many names in the VPS industry that are becoming better known and present themselves as a viable options but as in most industries, some VPS providers are leaders and others could be considered pioneers. Their experience and skill makes them credible choices for our list of top VPS providers. We have attempted to give you a balanced view and ratings of Windows VPS and Linux VPS providers to aid in your decision of the best choice for your company.

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