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Choosing a Virtual Private Server Control Panel

Using a Virtual Private Server can be even easier when a control panel is installed. Control Panels install onto a server and work in conjunction with your operating system. An interface is loaded onto your operating system that allows you to change settings, and manage a server more easily

Why a control panel is important?
A control panel can make the task of managing a server much easier. Control panel providers make regular updates to patch security holes, and make overall administration functionality easier for the average user. You do not have to be a server expert to manage a server when a good control panel interface is used.

What control panels are ideal for a VPS?
There are many different control panels available in the hosting world. Most VPS hosting providers will give you the choice of a popular control panel to choose from. Here are some of the most popular VPS control panels that have emerged as industry leaders:

  • Cpanel
  • Plesk
  • Direct Admin
  • H-Sphere
  • How to decide which control panel is right for me?
    There are relatively minoradvantages and disadvantages with each type of control panel . The best way to decide on a control panel is to visit the different control panel websites and research each interface and its advantages. Next step is to log in and visit a demo of each one individually. Most of the popular control panels allow a new user to log in and click around to see if they prefer one interface over the other. While each control panel has different functions, the majority of these panels have a lot of the same functions so you may be deciding simply on your preference of looks and ease of use.

    Whether you are running one website on your VPS, or have multiple users, a control panel is almost always the smartest option. It will cut down on your administration time, make changes easier, and keep your VPS user friendly. All of the VPS hosting Providers we list offer control panels so you should see which control panel you like the best, and then decide which provider is right for you.

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