Best VPS Hosting Reviews

How We Review VPS Providers
We base our reviews on a combination of criteria we feel is important to you the client. We look at the
services, features, and the offerings each VPS host promises their prospective clients. We review
each VPS host on a case by case basis making sure we provide you with a balanced and complete
perspective. We want to be sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision for
your business.

We are fortunate in that we are actual users of VPS and web hosting services so We are able to tell
you first hand about our experience with some of these hosts. We have done the grunt work so you
don’t have to.

Our Review criteria is based on a combination of features:

We are not like other review sites who may be biased and promote sites with bad reputations.
Instead, we are trying to recommend only the best VPS providers.

We are actual users of VPS and web hosting services. We have dealt first hand with some of
these hosts so we are able to provide insider knowledge and recommendations based on
these experiences.

Our goal is that our reviews help you save time and money by showcasing the best vps hosts
on the market today and providing you with the tools to make the best decision for your business.

More advanced reviewing criteria’s include:

  • Level of true support
  • Level of management
  • Resource allocations – dedicated RAM/CPU/Storage/Etc.
  • Backup systems in place
  • Price
  • Control panel(s) available
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