Cloud Hosting Virtual Private Servers

What is cloud hosting?

Just when you thought VPS server technology couldn’t get any better, it just did! Now many web hosting providers are starting to offer Cloud Hosting for VPS servers.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is set up with multiple servers clustered together to work together. Resources and operations are not limited to a single server. They are shared by the cluster of servers available within a cloud network. By handling security, load balancing, and hardware resources virtually, websites and VPS servers are able to access resources without relying on set hardware resources.

How can a Cloud VPS network make VPS better?

When your VPS is set up in a cloud network, additional resources are available when they are needed. Let’s say you have a new blog post and it reached the first page of DIGG and your original allocated resources aren’t enough, what do you do? When your VPS is set up in a cloud network you can easily allocate additional resources from a separate node within your cloud network. Or if you need additional resources only at set times, you can schedule to utilize those additional resources when necessary, without relying on the power of the resources you had originally allocated to your VPS.

Can Cloud Hosting offer temporary resources?

Yes, a cloud hosting network can allow you to temporarily utilize additional resources, or an entire VPS sandbox separately. Need to test out a new application but don’t want it to effect your live site? Simply request a separate node and utilize that area as a sandbox to test your app. When you are done simply remove the resource request and you will be left with your original VPS.

Cloud hosting was initially offered in the shared hosting environment, but is growing into the VPS space. Depending on how your web host has their VPS Cloud Network set up, there may be limitations as to how you can utilize the additional resources and servers within the cloud node. It is always important to be sure you are keeping sensitive data on your own VPS resources, and not leaving them on other vps resource areas that may be removed when you do not need the resources any longer. Safety and security within a shared resource environment should always be monitored and precautions taken to ensure your sensitive data and server resources are protected from threat.

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